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The following links are to articles and letters submitted by page visitors. If you have a comment or article you would like to see posted, Submit by Email: or mail to: Article PO Box 1141, Cave Junction OR. 97523

Pictures, and articles or letters will be posted as is. Please No Profanity. All will be posted, regardless of content. is providing a space for all to express opinions, stories, and feelings concerning mushroom picking.

A Visit To The Zoo
by Lawrence Millman

Matsutake- "Endangered" Species Or Political Football
by Steven Pencall

Meeting Asian Pickers
by Andy Moore

Land Managers Seek to Scapegoat Mushroom Pickers as Spreaders of Sudden Oak Death By Rich Sobeski
By Rich Sobeski

Mushroom Poem
by Mushroom Poet

Lobo's Mushroom Poem

Harvest Method Effect and Recovery
Boswell The Buck
Breakfast and Dinner at the Boswell
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Visitor's Articles and Letters
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