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Inoculating with Matsutake

The general public views matsutake mycelium origins as primarily spore oriented. Spore is like seed, produced to insure survival of the species. Plant the spore and the organism will grow. This is not true with matsutake.

Japanese scientist have attempted for decades to artificially inoculate trees with matsutake. There is no record or claims of success, save 1 second hand account. A seedling was placed in an existing shirro, colony of matsutake, and removed later. Matsutake was found on it's roots.

Standard methods for inoculation have failed. There have been literally millions of attempts by several scientist around the world, yet few trees have ever artificially been inoculated from spore. 
Recently one team has been successful in growing the mycelium in large quantities. However growing the mycelium and creating a symbiotic relationship are different worlds. Inoculation of trees resulted in the demise of the trees.

Those with experience suspect a secession of fungi. A variety of fungi must precede matsutake. One commercial harvester and student of matsutake, John Getz, claims to have observed at least portions of this succession. One mushroom followed in a few years by another and so on until matsutake appears.

John, as other,  has also noted the influence of deer. Concentrations of matsutake are found along four legged highways. Common sense would indicate animals consume the mushroom and deposit spore in there travels. Yet human attempts to propagate matsutake from spore have failed.

The ability of man to create a matsutake ecosystem is non existent. In addition, no fruit has ever been artificially created.

Much of the workings of the matsutake ecosystem are still a mystery.

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