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Welcome to Matsiman Donation Page Has been open and free to everyone since it's beginning in 1996. Web space, ISP connections and general maintenance have been supported by Matsiman. Matsiman's income and living situation changed in August 2007. This change increased basic living expenses and Matsiman's ability to continue fully supporting the site. Financial help from visitors is need to ease the basic costs, ISP connection and web space.
     Funds received will primarily be used for web costs. However, funds received in excess of web costs will ease costs of a continuing matsutake sustain ability study. One published paper has been generated from this investigation, formalpubs/Effects of mushroom harvest.pdf , many more are expected. Fuel costs to and from study site have reached $600.00 per year. Time has been volunteered 17 of the 21 years, volunteer past 13 years. The two volunteers keeping the study going, Matsiman and Rick Abbott, feel it necessary to continually monitor the effects of harvest over the long term, educate, and initiate other investigations related to matsutake.
If you have questions or suggestions please contact by email: Matsiman or
Phone 541-592-6071
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(Andy Moore)